Living The American Dream And Giving To Charity Describes The Life Of A Miami Entrepreneur

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Michael Capponi has lived the dream life as very successful real estate developer, business owner, nightlife executive and philanthropist. Ever since Capponi was a teenager he has been in the middle of the action as a promoter for some of the biggest clubs in South Beach, Miami, which includes LIV, the Mansion and Bed.

Capponi’s hard work and sharp networking skills quickly elevated him to the status of a nightlife star by club owners, promoters and news publications like the Miami Herald. His rise to fame in the Miami area positioned him to be in the company of prominent Miami figures, celebrities and global icons like Madonna.

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After much success throughout his career, Michael Capponi still continues to find innovative ways to flex his entrepreneurial talents. The latest venture that he is involved in is a free nightlife app called InList, which connects people with the latest nightlife functions, special events, celebrity galas and reservations in the Miami region and in other big cities.

Capponi is well-respected in the Miami and global community for being an avid contributor to various charity organizations. For example, after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, he flew to the suffering nation with a team of doctors and he was literally on the front-lines during the relief effort and provided food, clothing, medicine and shelter for thousands of homeless victims.